Venus Legacy Body Contouring

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Reshapes Your Body

With age, our bodies start to produce less collagen and store more fat which leads to wrinkles, sagging skin, cellulite and other signs of aging.

Our body contouring technology works by using energy delivered through a combination of Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields to produce heat under the skin’s surface.

This process helps to naturally increase collagen and elastin fibers while also shrinking the volume of fat cells. The result is a more sculpted and slimmer-looking body, tighter-looking skin, and cellulite that almost disappears.

Benefits of Body Contouring Treatments

  • Non-invasive treatment
  • Safe for all skin tones
  • Short treatment time

Our Venus Technology

We use Venus Legacy™ that has many advanced features when performing body contouring treatments.

This technology consists of a multi-application platform and a handheld device that one of our trained staff members can use to go over the problem areas of your body. Energy will then be emitted through the handheld device to these problem areas, which will cause the treated tissues to tighten.

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Venus Legacy Body Contouring




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