Microblading/ Nanoblading Brows


New to Strada Personal Spa, this technique creates curved hair-like strokes in your natural brows to achieve a soft, natural and fuller look. This semi-permanent brow procedure lasts 12-14 months.

Nano Brows, also known as Nanoblading, is similar to microblading, but this technique is done using a slightly different approach. This technique uses a fine Nano needle, which offers a more precise version of microblading. More specifically, this single-needle device uses an extremely fine needle to input pigment into the skin. The needle creates thin strokes that are undisguisable from your natural hairs.

What is the difference between Nano Brows and Microbladed Brows?

Nanoblading lasts longer than microblading

Nano Brows offer better results with a more natural and crisper look

Nanoblading causes less sensitivity to the surrounding skin than microblading

Nano Brows are the ideal choice for clients with oily or textured skin, but is great for all skin types

Nanoblading is the perfect procedure for anyone looking to adjust previously tattooed brows

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Nano Brows


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